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At Lottoland you can bet on the outcome of a wide range of lottery draws from around the world. LET THE BIG GAMES BEGIN!

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Certified Player on 23/05/2016
The absence of the Uk lottery is an obvious negative, or so i thought...! Turns out loads of the other lotteries they have on offer are not only easier to win, but have just as good prizes! Genuinely cant think of a better place for lottery players, whether you play every week or just dabble once in a while.
Player on 23/05/2016
New cool site, gaming with a lottery twist, haven't won anything so far but having a lot of fun anyway! If you're sick of all the same-ole-same-ole gambling sites then Lottoland are a breath of fresh air
Certified Player on 20/05/2016
What I like about Lottoland is how upfront they are. The faqs are quite transparent but they also give you information in other ways. When you go on the site click on the link makred Magazine, there they have all informaiton about the lotteries and the different odds of each. There's one article on odds and they show you which ones are easiest to win, which lottery you're most likely to win a prize (or at least break even). Minus 1 star for not having the national lottery but still it's graet to see all the informaiton provided to help us make an informed decisoin - keep up the good work.
Certified Player on 20/05/2016
Lottoland is absolutely marvellous, my one stop shop for lottery these days. MY hubby wanted me to keep going down the shop to do it because i used to get his paper at the same time (lazy bleeder!) but now i can play on my new electronic tablet while i watch the telly! Oh and the customer service people are also excellent. got me out of a spot of bother when i had mixed up with my bank details. so yes, 5 stars from Grace!
Player on 20/05/2016
Signed up ages ago with a two for one offer and soon understood they're called Lottoland - they've got lots and lots and I mean LOTS of lotteries. THe double jackpot thing seems like a great deal but watch out because it's not on all the lotteries. Like this one where you win a thousand quid a day, they've removed the doublejackpot on that, which is a bit cheeky, guess it's ok to pay out 1k a day for life but 2k a day's too much. Jokes on them I'll just eat lots of healthy salad and live longer - hahaha!
Player on 20/05/2016
Must admit i did have a chuckle when I saw Chris Tarrant pop up on the Lottoland ads, took me back to those saturday evenings spent watching who wants to be a millionaire. that convinced me to sign up and give it a go, and i haven't played any other way since. simple and easy way to play the euromillions, without all the faff of going down the post office.
Certified Player on 20/05/2016
Really cool site, love the lotteries, love the games and the content in generel. My only gripe is with the design, what's with the snot green? Yuck! Guess that won't matter once I start winning loadsa money LOL!
Certified Player on 19/05/2016
Lots of things to like about Lottoland but the scratchcards are a bit naff. £5.00 a play for the Chris Tarrant game, nah you're alright mate. The £1,000 a day one sounds pretry sweet though. Winning that would be worth 5 stars for sure.
Certified Player on 19/05/2016
Ok so there's a few things missing here -- National Lottery, raffles and so on -- but on the plus side Lottoland have way more lotteries, there's budget ones way cheaper than the National Lottery, there's ones for the same price as the National Lottery but with ten times bigger jackpots (at least!) and the best bit is the double jackpot thing - no matter how high gets lottoland will pay double. I know they pay out wins directly and not sure how that works, something about insurance policies yada yada yada - who cares when you can win jackpots over half a billion pounds! Can the National Lottery do that? Hell no! For that reason alone Lottoland's a no-brainer.
Player on 19/05/2016
bit too much choice if im honest. how many lotteries do we need? certainly not two dozen odd. same with games, im here for the lottery not to chuck money away on that stuff. keep it simple lottoland.
Yes we do have quite a lot of choice here at Lottoland, but we believe that's a good thing. We've got lotteries where you can win potentially a billion pounds or lotteries you can enjoy for as little as 25p not mention all those great all-rounders in between. Sure all these new lotteries can be overwhelming at the start so be sure to check out our magazine section where we look at the different games, prizes and lottery odds.
Player on 19/05/2016
Used to play the Oz Lotto every Tuesday back home but now I play EuroMillions. Now, thanks to Lottoland, I can do both. Plus, like the last person said, there's loads of scratchies and slots to play too, so plenty of variety.
Certified Player on 19/05/2016
Cool site with a nice mix of different types of games, you can play lotteries and also enjoy scratchcards and slots while you wait for the results to come in.
Certified Player on 18/05/2016
Let me just say that these guys are 100% legit and payments are really fast. I checked my account last week to find out I'd won just under £17 on the Euro Millions (woo!) - sure not a huge amount but a win's still a win!
Certified Player on 18/05/2016
Been with Lottoland since last year. I remember they had that weird ad so I signed up first just to see, because they were new and because they said they have the big American lotteries which I play every week. that was the big attraction for me actually, being able to play US lotteries, all the new stuff is just cherries on top.
Player on 18/05/2016
Decent site, the lottery side of things is top notch but the games seem like a tacked-on afterthought. How about some free spins and bonuses like on, I dunno - every other casino site ever?! A bit of balance on the casino side would turn this from a good site to a great one.

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