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At Lottoland you can bet on the outcome of a wide range of lottery draws from around the world. LET THE BIG GAMES BEGIN!

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Player on 05/06/2016
if i win can i send a passport copy with the passport number and longer number under blacked out? or is there another way to receive your winnings without sending copies of ID or passport ? Thanks

Lottoland is licenced by the Gaming Commission in the United Kingdom. To comply with our license agreement, we are required to provide proof of identity and address for every player. While this is important for us, it also offers an additional layer of security for our winners too, to ensure prize money goes to the correct person. I hope this helps.

Player on 02/06/2016
What a find Lottoland is! Aside from the wide range of foreign lotteries they seem to be adding a new product every week. I used to buy my tickets in the supermarket and then dabble in some of the fancy European ones on Lottoland, but now I do everything online. It's much simpler and sometimes I like to do the lottoland exclusive stuff like double jackpots!
Certified Player on 31/05/2016
THis ID verification is a pain in the ass. But apart from this hassle i like the choice of games and scratchcards.
Although inconvenient it's very necessary as we are required by law to verify the identification of all our players.
Player on 31/05/2016
New player with Lottoland, thought I'd give my initial views on the site: great, simple and easy to use website. Sooo many betting sites are just a mess of numbers that are pure hassle to get around, not a problem here. The selection of lotteries is incredible! At first i thought that while they had tons on the lottery page, they would be limited to residents, not the case! A very helpful customer service person explained that every lottery on the site is available to every player! i felt like a kid in a sweet shop. No more dull old uk lottery now (especially after this recent payout scandal), i'm going international! all in all, a great lottery provider, miles ahead of the rest of the pack i think.
Player on 27/05/2016
Sooooo many choices! Lottoland can be ovewhelming when you first sign up. I signed up back in March and they already had tons, they've since added two more and now I count 23 lotteries you can play. They've also got scratchcards though was never much of a fan of those. But if you are again you'll find plenty of choice. Actually my only gripe with Lottoland is that they should do a little more to differentiate the games so you don't have to go wading through faqs to decide which one to play.
Player on 26/05/2016
I simply lvoe playin there. pretty straight forward adn I already won decent amounts which have been piad to my credit card.
Certified Player on 26/05/2016
Really enjoying my world tour of lotteries! Have done all of Europe the big American lotteries now, in search of my big win, I've gone down under and started playing Australian games. Hope I have more luck this time! Lottoland has a lot of choice and variety, which I like, only thing that I don't like is that sometimes when you play a game it automatically opts you into some of the bonus games by default, which is sorta sneaky, so keep an eye out for that. Still, given how cheap a lot of these games are anyway that's a small quibble compared to all this site has to over. If you're a lottery lover like me then you'll think Lottoland is heaven!!!
Player on 25/05/2016
i play for over 2 month now and have STILL no win on any jackpots. lottoland say they pay but this is not true. until i get money no 5 star rating...
Firstly, we're sorry to hear that you haven't been getting the most from your Lottoland experience. Always remember that winning lottery jackpots isn't easy but regardless of the size of your wins Lottoland does pay out all winnings (our license to operate depends on this guarantee). Perhaps you might benefit from playing a lottery with better odds.
Certified Player on 25/05/2016
It's a really excellent site, love all those foreign lotteries and the games and stuff are great and all but their customer service department are a little on the slow side to say the least. Had to contact them three times over something (should mention this was not their fault, just an issue making deposits with my Skrillex account) but took them time to get back to me, especially the last time, took forever. Looks to me as though they're either understaffed or over busy - either way get more staff in and I'll give you more stars Lottoland!
Certified Player on 24/05/2016
just won 100 quid on a scratchcard, unreal!!! i used 2 buy them in asda after doing the grocieries and never won so much as a peny, had a few quid in my lottoland acount and thort why the hell not, and won! i will definately recomennd them 2 my frends. not fake like them waste of spaces you get in th eshops!!
Player on 24/05/2016
stay away from this site it's a scam - I won money but they wouldn't give it to me. said they dont' pay out anything until I complete "verification". Then they started going on how I had to send them some ID. the girl then asked me for my passport and all this other stuff which is a lot of hassle but also who wants to send their passport to some strangers at a company that's only been around a few months near as I can tell. all I know is chris tarrent does the ads, but sorry chris I'm not going to send you my passport. they wouldn't pay out my money until I sent them my passport. according to lottoland this is normal procedure? but I've never heard the like of it before.
This is standard practice for all online gaming companies and is required by law. We must verify the identity of all players for various reasons, such as the protection of minors from playing on our site. We do not need your passport but rather a scan of it - taking a picture of it on your phone works in most cases. For more information please see this article.
Certified Player on 24/05/2016
Good products and site design, lots of great features though the bonuses are lacking compared to other gambling sites. Seems to be a new site though so maybe they're just getting started.
Certified Player on 23/05/2016
There's plenty of reasons to shout about Lottoland. For one thing its got loads of lotteries from all over the world, from cheap and cheerful ones to ones with astonishgly large jackpots. There's also the features, like being able to double your jackpot or protect your numbers from other players - lots of things that neither the big gambling companies, or camelot, have as features. So it's unique in that sense. There's also scratchcards and slot games, though they seem like a gimmicky afterthought. Good fun to waste a little time and try rack up some small wins while you wait, but it's those big lotteries which will be taking the majority of your attention.
Certified Player on 23/05/2016
The absence of the Uk lottery is an obvious negative, or so i thought...! Turns out loads of the other lotteries they have on offer are not only easier to win, but have just as good prizes! Genuinely cant think of a better place for lottery players, whether you play every week or just dabble once in a while.
Player on 23/05/2016
New cool site, gaming with a lottery twist, haven't won anything so far but having a lot of fun anyway! If you're sick of all the same-ole-same-ole gambling sites then Lottoland are a breath of fresh air

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