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About Lottoland:

At Lottoland you can bet on the outcome of a wide range of lottery draws from around the world. LET THE BIG GAMES BEGIN!

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Certified Player on 29/01/2018
New products added on a monthly basis. So far happy with the service provided. BitCoin lotto added recently if you are into cryptocurrencies.
Player on 21/12/2017
I would NOT recommend this company to anyone. The syndicate bet rules were unclear at the time i placed them. It said 100's lines but then they went on to place system bets which there was no mention of. They also took ages to respond to any queries I had. Avoid this company.
Player on 08/08/2017
Played 1 game and won £2,500!! Seems to good to be true and feeling nervous after seeing all the bad reviews, but just waiting for my account to be verified then apparently I can withdraw so if all goes well I will be coming back with 5 stars !! Customer service has been great up to now ! Fingers crossed!!!
Player on 20/07/2017
I think I got a lot of money in the lottery. What can I do to take out these money? Can I pick up from the bank please tell me?
Congratulations on your win! You should have received an email from us notifying you of your winnings and how to withdraw them. 

To view all draw, Lotto bet, syndicate bets, scratchcards or game information, please sign into your Player Account and choose 'My Activity' from the drop-down menu.
At the top right are up to five options: 'Draws', 'Lotto Bets', 'Syndicates', 'Scratchcards or 'Games'. Click on the option you wish to view and your individual details will be displayed.

Unfortunately we cannot discuss player accounts on an open forum but we would be more than happy to help you navigate this process. Please message our Customer Service Department using the Live Chat tab on the landing site or through support@lottoland.co.ukWe look forward to your response.

Nick - Lottoland Representative
Player on 18/06/2017
Lotto is encouraging, very interesting, good for fun good for happy hours am overwhelmed with this. I give kudos to all the management's of lotto international at large.


When betting with Lottoland the payout structure we offer mirrors that available on the official draw. The jackpot payout is as if you had entered the underlying lottery. 

For example, if there are 2 winners in the underlying lottery they each receive half the jackpot amount. 

If a customer places a bet with Lottoland and there is a winner in the underlying lottery the customer will receive half the jackpot amount, just as if they had entered the underlying lottery with the correct numbers. 

Kind regards,


Player on 06/05/2017
idk why , just because
Lottoland is licensed by the Gaming Commission in the United Kingdom.  
To comply with our licence agreement we are required to provide proof of identity and address for every player. 

For this reason we must ask our players to provide one option from the following documents in order for us to verify their accounts.  

1. Passport - details page plus Bank/Utility Bill Statement with full name and address displayed
2. Driving Licence Photo Card - front (provisional licence is accepted)
3. ID Card - front and back plus Bank/Utility Bill Statement with full name and address displayed

You only need to complete this process following the first deposit made on your account. Your account will then remain verified for future claims. 

Please contact us at support@lottoland.co.uk or use the Live Chat option on the site if you have any further queries and a Customer Service Operative will be happy to assist you.

Nicole - Lottoland Representative
Certified Player on 25/04/2017
I like
Player on 26/03/2017
I am disgusted with Lottoland as every time I attempt to claim my winnings Lottoland actually takes money out of my account. Lottoland is a fraud and not to be trusted.
Dear Customer,

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your Lottoland account. 

All your winnings are guaranteed to be paid out at Lottoland. All bets are placed on your behalf with EU Lotto Limited, licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner and the UK Gambling Commission. 

This means we will guarantee you any money you're owed. If you are having problems with your account, please contact: support@lottoland.co.uk

The Lottoland team.
Player on 03/03/2017
Why do people give this app 5 stars its untrufthfull, the app is rubbish full of bugs. Does NOT recognise correct email addresses and persistently changes your personal address if and when it feels like. It 62 blah and save and then save it automatically saves as 101. Why the he'll someone would start a block of houses at 101 is beyond me. BUT no response from admins as per usual. They will gladly allow you to do transactions. If your going to make money from apps like these. YOU MUST debug before release not continually when people keep depositinh and you have built up enough money through their means. For this to be a certified review I have to have a order number surprise surprise. Scam website. Can and will be dealt with

We receive a huge amount of positive feedback from our customers over our app. In fact, it was recently voted lottery app of the year.

However, we understand that sometimes issues arise. Please contact: support@lottoland.co.uk and someone from our team will help you resolve these issues.

Kind regards,
The Lottoland team
Player on 12/12/2016
Omg I can't believe it whaaaaaaa Jenna Jackson jenlewjack2015@yahoo.com one happy well deserved amazing win thank you so much xxx
Player on 04/12/2016
I would to say the Lottoland that every game we play the game it to be relesed is clear and make fun and we need to paly and to benefit and all the people that in the days ahead, we well win and rich. Knowledge
Player on 13/11/2016
My mistake yes but I deposited £50 which I couldn't afford and asked how I could get £40 of it back but as usual no way. Also I tried to withdraw but couldn't without identification so sent a photograph of my passport with my account. Number and guess what? This isn't enough. Imagine if I win big I can't get it out. Also they replied its not the same as the settings on my account so this is not enough. 1 word bullshit. In fact how do I know who has received my passport. NO PHONE NUMBER TO CALL. I have friends in over 23 countries and used to transfer cash to them to put lottery on for me thought this would be easier. It says you can write to the CEO. More bullshit as do you think he will go out of his way to read it. Just pass it down. So tomorrow I will seek legal advice.
We have customer support available by phone and the number is on the website in the contact us section. 

All UK players are required to verify their identity and their address as stated in the terms and conditions of the site which every player has agreed to. This is how we have a licence with the UK Gambling commission.

If you have further questions, please contact us by phone, live chat or email.
Player on 02/08/2016
Love it .....coooooommmmmeeee ooonnnnn wooooo passes the few spare mins I have when kids are sleeping:) :) ..........im not one for words so this 120 letters thang ....uhhh urrrrr
Player on 31/07/2016
it is absurd the way powerball and megamillions ticket priced jumped from £2 to £5! lottoland has none of the costs these actual lotteries have and yet they tax and try to charge you same. Also by playing lottoland £0 goes to increasing the underlying jackpot, and lottoland are not like the national lottery who have given tens of billions to UK good causes. I have stopped playing now as it seems morally wrong for the two reasons given. I doubt that once someone hits a major jackpot that lottoland will be around much longer as they're insurance premiums will go through the roof; I guess they are gambling that no one will ever hit a £100+ million jackpot due to small number of players (compared to the amount of USA/EU/UK players) and with the odds being so high of winning.
I can confirm the the price per standard line for MegaMillions is £2.50. 

There has been a price increase for a standard line for Powerball due to the big special jackpot currently being offered (almost £400 million), exclusive to Lottoland, and the increased costs associated with being able to guarantee this jackpot for our players.
Certified Player on 15/07/2016
They will pay out only if they feel like if not it's tough luck! Absolute scam of an off shore company that clearly does not offer any form of customer service. If your looking to fund your account through don't worry they process that deposit payment very quickly, just don't expect to withdraw money anytime soon! Same generic response, wait 5 days, wait another 5 etc etc. Looking forward to a nice generic customer service reply!
When you play with Lottoland your winnings are guaranteed as we are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Links to our licence can be found at the bottom of the site.

We provide customer support by email, Live chat and telephone, and we aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours but usually we respond much faster.

The process of withdrawing winnings is usually completed within 5 business days, but if you have not received your winnings after this time you can email support@lottoland.co.uk and I can assure you that we will look into this and provide an update.

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