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At Lottoland you can bet on the outcome of a wide range of lottery draws from around the world. LET THE BIG GAMES BEGIN!

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Certified Player on 11/09/2018
Cannot say enough good things about the Lottoland app. This is the perfect site for playing lotteries and other casino games. Euromillions and UK lotto are not available any more, but theyve been replaced by a couple of fantastic games with the same jackpots and more great features.
Certified Player on 06/09/2018
Great site for playing on lotteries from around the world. Love the selection of casino games on here too and Ive won a few quid on the scratchers too. Good value site, perfect for playing on your phone.
Certified Player on 30/08/2018
Lottoland is a breath of fresh air when it comes to lotteries. They give you options like euromillionaire go where you get multiple chances to win the same size lottery jackpot as the euromillions except theres a draw every hour. I also love the selection of games in the caisno section of the site
Certified Player on 21/08/2018
Big fan of the lottoland website - it's a great option for lottery betting when your on the go. Just a half point off as they dont have the uk lottery or euromillions even though the replacement products pretty much make up for that.
Certified Player on 14/08/2018
Just signed up with Lottoland about 2 weeks ago and I have to say that I am really impressed. I joined to be able to bet on the big American lotteries but tbh just didn't expect such a great range of casino games to be here as well. Really first class gaming website and very impressive
Certified Player on 07/08/2018
I first downloaded the lottoland app because I wanted to be able to play lotteries from my phone easily, but over time Ive found myself going to the games section more than the lottery betting part. Ive got other online casino accounts but the selection of slot games and instant games at lottoland is a match for any of them. Really top quality games and new ones coming onto the site all the time.
Certified Player on 31/07/2018
I think a lot of people have questions in their minds about if these online lottery sites will actually pay out or not. I can only tell you my own experienc with lottoland is that when I won around 300 quid playing at the casino site I was able to take out my money and had it sitting in my bank account a couple of days later. No complaints about the site whatsoever, great variety of lotteries and games on here and any dealings Ive had with the customer support team has been a positive experience for me.
Certified Player on 24/07/2018
I signed up with Lottoland to play the lottery but to be honest these days I use it more for the games on the site. If you go to the Games section the selection there is very good - better than the casino I used to play with - and there are more games being added all the time. It is a very impressive selection - and you've still got all those lottery options too.
Certified Player on 17/07/2018
You'll be hard pressed to find a better site out there when it comes to playing the lotteries online. They recently lost access to the national lottery and euromillions but came back with new lotteries like euromillionaire go that are even better options. Also theres a massive selection of games on the site in the casino section when you are waiting for those lottery results to come in.
Certified Player on 11/07/2018
The Lottoland site has got a brilliant range of different lotteries and games. I use it to play the big American lotteries usually but there are tons of other games on the site as well including a whole lot of great slot games. Definitely a winner!
Certified Player on 11/07/2018
The Lottoland site has got a brilliant range of different lotteries and games. I use it to play the big American lotteries usually but there are tons of other games on the site as well including a whole lot of great slot games. Definitely a winner!
Certified Player on 03/07/2018
top option for lottery beting online, havent found better anywhere and i have tried a few different options. Even tho euromillions isnt available anymore theyve added some brilliant options like euromillionaire go and lotto plus so its no loss. First class service too so big thumbs up.
Certified Player on 02/07/2018
With a ticket it's unlikely you will win, but without it is impossible to win!! A great platform of opportunity for keen lottery players.
Certified Player on 25/06/2018
Lottoland is a fantastic site for lottery betting - tons of great options to bet on lotteries from all over the world. I particularly enjoy the new games they have introduced like Euromillionaire Go. You won't find these anywhere else. There's also a brilliant selection of online slot games and instant win games.
Certified Player on 19/06/2018
Love some of the exclusive lotteries available at Lottoland like Euromillionaire Go where you get cash back even if you don't match a single number. Have been with Lottoland for years and never had a problem with cashing out, always had a good experience with the customer support too. The casino section of the site is really growing and its got some games on there you wont find elsewhere even at bigger online casinos.

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