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At Lottoland you can bet on the outcome of a wide range of lottery draws from around the world. LET THE BIG GAMES BEGIN!

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Certified Player on 10/03/2016
I've never given a five star review in my life but I will for Lottoland because I love to play lotteries and Lottoland makes it so easy! Best of all is the huge jackpots you can win, way bigger than the boring old national lottery - Lottoland where have you been all my life!
Player on 10/03/2016
no euromillions raffel but lots of other lotteries with big jackpots
Player on 10/03/2016
At first I was rather skeptical of Lottoland as there are a lot of scam sites around, pleased to confirm this is NOT the case. Good customer service and a nice website to use. Have not had time to test out the scratchcards however so I cannot give a 5 star review for the time being. - Brian
Player on 09/03/2016
LOVE the double jackpot. TOP feature
Certified Player on 08/03/2016
cool way to do the lottery. i like being able to play the powerball even when i am not in the states.
Certified Player on 29/02/2016
Lots of great lottery games and excellent customer service. No hassle like some other gaming sites.
Player on 29/02/2016
Lots of different lotteries maybe too many since I never hear of most of them. Like the scratchards though
You're not alone. The majority of our lotteries are unknown to our players (unless they are expats living in the UK) since it's the first time they've ever been available here. That's why we encourage our players to read our Magazine section (the second link item from the right on the menu bar) which is full of information about all our lotteries, especially those lotteries you never heard of.
Certified Player on 26/02/2016
The biggest jackpots around and lots of cool options and bonuses! Would be 5 stars only I'm not a millionaire yet lol!
Player on 26/02/2016
Easy to use, fun to play, tons of lotteries and lots of great scratchcard games too.
Certified Player on 24/11/2015
I just love this site! $$$
Player on 27/10/2015
No millionaires raffle on euromillions... :(
Certified Player on 26/10/2015
great bonuses!

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