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At Lottoland you can bet on the outcome of a wide range of lottery draws from around the world. LET THE BIG GAMES BEGIN!

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Player on 21/05/2019
Did I win anything bit find it confusingly I don't know order number I haven't won much at all oh I might delete the account
Player on 09/03/2019
6,099,269+ Here Are The Results For The Hong Kong-Mark Six Draw On 09 Mar 2019 20:15 +07: 13 32 34 35 41 46 - 30 Jackpot For The Next Draw On 12 Mar 2019 20:15 +07: HKD$ 14 Million Jobs in Earth
Player on 10/02/2019
Lottoland is the best gaming experience ive had the pleasure of playing from scratchcards to slots to the lottery it has it all
Player on 26/01/2019
money accounte how can you helps me please come on bro help no t bad jab okay tellme please com om bro message to me oka
Certified Player on 25/01/2019
Lottoland makes playing the lottery a whole lot easier. Just log on from your phone and you can play lotteries from all over the world round the clock, plus loads of quality casino games and big money scratchers as well.
Certified Player on 14/01/2019
I honestly wasn't convinced that online scratchcards were genuine til I signed up with Lottoland. Having won decent amounts three times on scratchcards since then, I am pretty convinced now! It's a great site and customer support are very friendly and helpful any time I've had to speak with them. Plus they get your winnings out to you in no time which is not the case in every online betting site I can tell you.
Certified Player on 08/01/2019
I don't normally write reviews of sites but felt like I should pass on my experiences from playing with Lottoland over the years. I have been pleased with the range of lotteries and games they offer on the site and I have always had the best support anytime I have got in touch with them. Ive had a few wins from casino games and they are always fast to pay out and never any problems, which you can't say about every site!
Certified Player on 03/01/2019
Lottoland is without doubt the king of the online lotteries. I downloaded their app on my phone about a year ago and haven't bought a ticket from the shops since then!
Certified Player on 20/12/2018
I love playing on Lottoland, loads of great lotteries on here and some of the best games around as well. In fact I find that the casino section is even better crack as theyve kept adding more and more games and some proper good ones as well. Ive had a few decent sized wins on the slots and got paid out no hassle.
Certified Player on 10/12/2018
Lottoland is a one stop shop when it comes to lottery betting as they offer some of the biggest lotteries from around the world to bet on. Plus the selection of casino games and slots is surprisingly good - much better than I expected and they are always adding new games too.
Certified Player on 03/12/2018
No doubt that lottoland is the best lottery betting app on the market - it doesnt have the uk lotto or euromillions anymore but there are lotteries that offer the same prizes so you can still be in for bigtime wins. Also I love the selection of games on this site, havent seen a better collection anywhere and that includes some of the big online casinos.
Certified Player on 27/11/2018
I gave up on Lottoland for a while when I realised theyd lost the euromillions and the uk lottery as I didnt really see the point without those lotteries. However I checked back in in the last month and Ive seen the new replacement products like lotto plus and euromillionaire that in my opinion are just as good or even better than the originals.
Certified Player on 12/11/2018
I signed up with lottoland after reading about their guinness world record for the biggest payout. You always have concerns about whether these online sites will actually pay out but lottoland seems to be 100% genuine. Haven't hit a big jackpot just yet but with lottoland theres plenty of ways to win so I'm still hoping!
Certified Player on 08/11/2018
I first downloaded the Lottoland app a couple of years ago to play on euromillions. Thats not available any more on the site but what Ive noticed is that these days I play more on the casino section of their site anyway. The selection of games is excellent and I have won a couple hundred pounds more than once since signing up. No problems withdrawing the cash - not like some other places I could mention. Very good site and Ive never had any issues with them
Certified Player on 06/11/2018
If you want the best site for betting on lotteries from all over the world then look no further than the lottoland app. Ive had three new phones in the last year and this is one of the apps that I always download. Apart from the lotteries there are plenty of great games to choose from and its so easy to use.

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