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About Lottoland Ireland:

Bet on the all the best lotteries with Lottoland for your chance to win the world’s biggest jackpots. Lottoland is fully licensed by the Irish government.

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Certified Player on 12/12/2016
Some time back I was Googling to find the best value lotteries. The EuroMillions had put their price up so I was curious to see if there were any alternatives. Lottoland came up #1 and after skimming their blog I soon realized I've been paying too much for lottery tickets for years! Not only do they have loads of games for under €1 they even tell you the odds of winning every single game! Thanks to Lottoland I discovered cheaper games that are much easier to win.
Player on 08/12/2016
Like this new way of playing lotteires, loads of foreign games I never heard of but a lot of the jackpots put our local lotto to shame!
Certified Player on 08/12/2016
Love the convenience, no muss, no fuss, just play my weekly Lotto and Euromillions on the way home from work and the odd slot game or two from time to time. If only I could put an aul flutter on too save me going elsewhere but can't have it all I suppose and I guess it's called Lottoland for a reason! Going to give a shot at this El Gordo I keep hearing about, sounds like it could make us a merry little xmas indeed!
Certified Player on 05/12/2016
Prefer to play online but the National lottery website does my head in. Found these guys because I heard there were other ways to play online and they came up on Google. Figured I'd give it a go for the sake of a couple of Euros like. Glad I did because it's way easier to use, works on the laptop and on my phone without any hassle just pick your numbers and go plus that it's cheaper to play Euromillions too makes it a no brainer. Only thing is they need to make the subscriptions a bit clearer, it's a handy feature but it's not explained well and I can imagine that would get on peoples nerves like.
Certified Player on 01/12/2016
Lots of games, easy to use and the customer service guys are lovely. can't say a bad word about you guys - just wish it was easier to win the lotto!
Certified Player on 30/11/2016
Interesting concept. Casino and poker sites are dime a dozen these days but I've never seen a site quite like Lottoland before. True, there are lots of sites out there selling lottery tickets but they look dodgy to me. Whereas Lottoland are actually taking bets on different lottery draws from all over the world and, unlike other bookies, they say they'll pay out full wack if you win. Now obviously the odds of winning these are pretty massive compared with sports bets or card/casino games, which puts me off somewhat. I like to play better odds games where there's also some skill involved for more chances to win - but that's just my preference. Yes they do have a slots and instant wins section but nothing you can't find elsewhere to be honest. Truth is, though, I'm glad I tried Lottoland and so far have found it a breath of fresh air. It's also encouraging me to try my hand at EuroMillions again - only €4 a week for both draws vs. €5 in the shops, can't go wrong with that like. So yeah, fair play Lottoland, I'm not a huge lottery fan but I'm pleasantly surprised. - Steve Mac.
Certified Player on 30/11/2016
found out about lottoland on facebook and signed up cuz I won a contest and setting up was a little annoying but got there in the end. like their customer service and very friendly people and also all the different lotteries and games and stuff though it isn't always clear where you need to click soemtimes
Player on 29/11/2016
like that I can play the euromillions cheaper than in the shops and also all the other lotterys from around the world like el gordo

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