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Last modified: 25/01/2019
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About Lottoland Ireland:

Bet on the all the best lotteries with Lottoland for your chance to win the world’s biggest jackpots. Lottoland is fully licensed by the Irish government.

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Certified Player on 09/10/2018
Ive been using the Lottoland app for about a year now. Its a great way to play the lotto and Ive never missed out on a draw with the app. So much easier than going to buy a ticket and they always email you to let you know if you won so no chance of missing out on a prize.
Player on 07/10/2018
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Certified Player on 01/10/2018
There are a few lottery betting sites out there but to be honest Ive not found better than Lottoland. The choice you get is great then theres the fact youve 2 euro price for Euromillions which is better than the shops. I play on my phone and have a crack at all the biggest lottos when I get the chance. Top site!
Certified Player on 24/09/2018
Ive been a big fan of Lottoland for a while now, love the way you can just make a bet on Lotto or Euromillions from your phone without any hassle. I've been in contact with the customer support team a couple of times now and always found them super-professional and friendly. Great site that makes playing the Lotto easier - I just need to win it now!
Certified Player on 20/09/2018
I changed phones recently but one of the first apps I put on the new one was the Lottoland app so I never miss out on my lotto bets. Lottoland just makes it so easy to play the lottery and they also have a discount on Euromillions which is brilliant. Number One for me!
Certified Player on 11/09/2018
I dont have that many apps downloaded onto my phone but the Lottoland app is always there. Such a handy way to play the lotto, and apart from Euromillions and Lotto Ive had a try at a few other international lottos too. Brilliant site and with loads of gaming options.
Certified Player on 06/09/2018
You won't find a better lottery site anywhere. Its perfect for having a crack off Euromillions cos the price is cheaper than what you find in the shops plus you can set it to enter the highest jackpots. Plus theres a brilliant selection of games on there too.
Certified Player on 29/08/2018
Only have good things to say about the Lottoland app. Ive been using them to buy my euromillions tickets every week since i've signed up. Its dead handy and plus its cheaper than buying tickets down the shops. Plus youve got a brilliant selection of games and other lotteries and scratchers too.
Certified Player on 21/08/2018
Lottoland on the phone is the perfect way to play euromillions - and not just cos it is 50c cheaper than buying a ticket down the shops. You just need to make a couple of clicks on your phone and your bet is on for the next draw, couldn't be easier. I won around 50 euro one of the weeks and got it transferred into my account no bother. Great service.
Player on 17/08/2018
Terrible they take your money out of your account but try to get your win put into the same account sent driving licence then they wanted proof of address sent letter from solicitor this has been turned down they want utility bill but they are not in my name and my bank statement is done on line so has no address at top find this company bloody minded they take your money quick enough out of that account but will not put the winnings in it they know you are the person but they seem to get pleasure making you jump through hoops. I will never uses this ratbag company again they take away any buzz you get from winning and through there appalling attitude they know they will lose you as a customer but could not give a fig the f them has customer services is awful they take ages to get back to you and not one of them can see your side of it fancy turning down a letter from your solicitor with your address on it shame on you Lottoland!!!!
Certified Player on 14/08/2018
Lottoland is a brilliant all-in-one website for playing lotto as well as loads of other online games too. They've got an amazing selection of online slot games and scratchers and casino games so theres plenty going on. Plus the choice of lottos is great and euromillions is still cheaper than if you buy a ticket in the shops.
Certified Player on 07/08/2018
Cannot say enough good things about the lottoland site, just don't understnad why everyones not using it to play on the lotto! Especially when euromillions is cheaper here than it is down the shops. I play on my phone and this site is great not just for lotto bets but also its got some amazing games in the casino section and there are more new ones being added all the time.
Certified Player on 31/07/2018
I signed up with Lottoland a year and a bit ago mainly cos of the chance to play lotto and euromillions. I still do that when the jackpots get up there but tbh most of the time I find Im playing on the casino section here. I'd be a member of a fair few online casinos over the years but the selection of games on here is as good as any of them and they keep adding cool new games every week. This one is very highly recommended and I cant say enough good about the Lottoland Ireland site.
Certified Player on 24/07/2018
I've been on Lottoland for over a year now and never had any problems. Since then I've won a bit on the slot games and had a few small wins on the Lotto - still looking for the jackpot to come in for me though! Its an easy way to play Lotto and Id have a go on the euromillions when the jackpot gets bigger and thats cheaper with Lottoland than down the shops. Great site!
Certified Player on 17/07/2018
I signed up with Lottoland when I saw they were offering Euromillions at 50c cheaper than buying a ticket down the shops. There's also some brilliant games in the casino section and they seem to add more of them just about every day. Ive never seen a site to beat it so if you're anyway interested in the lotto or online gambling then you need to check this place out!

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