Manual Certification

All services will be manually reviewed and checked for security issues and other concerns such as spam, scam-baiting and abusive language. A secure connection and a malware free hosting platform are mandatory. Services not providing this level of user security are not allowed on TrustPlay. This certification is included in the Free Plan.

Non-Certified Reviews

Everyone can add reviews anonymously. These have less impact on the overall rating but can be very helpful on the given feedback and can open doors to users who have not been invited to review the service. From the Business Plan on this reviews can be responded to.

Award Badges on TrustPlay.com

Show your rating on TrustPlay with a badge, ranging from the base certification to the Excellence Badge for outstanding feedback from users. Showing the Badge on TrustPlay.com is included in the Free plan.

Certified Reviews

Reviews from players directly confirmed and verified will have a much higher impact on the overall rating. This way it can be secured, so that the impact and feedback of given customers will make a difference. This kind of review is possible from Business Plan on.

Respond to reviews

Responding to feedback, both positive and negative, is crucial for any service. This can range from a simple "Thank you" to a full explanation of the feedback from the player. Responding to reviews is possible after a signup for the Business Plan or higher.

TrustPlay Award Badges for Marketing use

From Business Plan on you can use your reward badges directly on your website to signal your strength in customer satisfaction. The badge can also be included on all other marketing materials, online and offline.

iFrame & Widget Submission

To make certified user feedback easy we have a simple iFrame or Widget in place where your customer can send in their feedback. This solution is very simple and can be implemented on your website easily.

Full Review API

To make it even easier we also provide a full review API, which allows you to get all data for reviews in and out of TrustPlay. This way you can build a full review page, including the submission directly on your service.