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Lottoland Australia PTY LTD
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About Lottoland Australia:

At Lottoland Australia you can bet on the outcome of a wide range of lottery draws from Australia and around the world. HAPPY EVER AFTER!

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Player on 25/05/2016
Money gets debited automatically due to a system error in January. Only informed once I made a complaint. Extremely poor customer service, better off just playing the proper Australian lottery. This company claims to not be a Lotto yet they will replicate payout structure like the Lottery to pay winners less and so they can continue advertising high jackpots.
Hello, I am sorry for the bad experiences you had. We do offer subscriptions for customers who want to automatically take part in upcoming draws. These subscriptions can be cancelled any time. As a lotto betting provider we offer bets on Australian and International lotteries. The payouts are the same as if you had played in the official lottery. Some official lotteries get taxed before they are paid out, like the US Powerball for instance. For more information please refer to the respective FAQ pages for each lotto. Thank you.
Player on 13/05/2016
I have been debited money without notice and my authorization for every week in last 4 months! My husband just found that horrible!
Hello, it sounds like you have purchased a subscription ticket that is automatically entered into upcoming draws until it gets cancelled. Please email our customer support team via support@lottoland.com.au so we can look into this for you. More information: How to cancel subscriptions.
Player on 09/05/2016
The lotto land has to updated the results frequently because the american powerball has been won on saturday but still it is showing 563 million jackpot.
It is correct that the official lottery had a winner last Sunday and the official jackpot therefore is back to the minimum amount. Lottoland however has decided to offer a special US PowerBall jackpot with the amount of $563 as currently shown on the website. This is the reason why Lottoland.com.au shows a different jackpot amount than the official lottery. For more info on our special jackpots please refer to this article or email support@lottoland.com.au.
Player on 19/04/2016
Bad customer service, no details on insurance policy to ensure jackpots are payable. I won a small amount of money in the US Powerball and am still trying to jump through their anti money laundering hoops to claim money!!
Hi, sorry to hear about your bad experience. All of our details are available our website https://www.lottoland.com.au/terms. As long as your account is fully verified you can withdraw funds back to your bank account within 5-10 working days. Please email support@lottoland.com.au for any further queries.
Player on 15/04/2016
Hi, we are contactable via Live Chat on our website Monday- Friday or via email support@lottoland.com.au. Please try contact us again and we will be more than happy to help.
Player on 09/04/2016
Got a free ticket, won $500 and got the money within in 5 days!!! THANKS!
That is great to hear! Congratulations on your win.
Certified Player on 06/04/2016
I love playing at Lottoland. Really no reason to complain, just to many emails!
We are glad to hear that you are enjoying the site. To unsubscribe from newsletters please click on the unsubscribe link that can be found on the footer of any email. Alternatively, log into your Lottoland account, go to "My account" and edit the Notifications from “E-mail - don't miss a thing” to “Email - account details only”. The “Email - account details only” setting means you will only receive critical correspondence regarding account information such as ticket confirmation and win notification emails.
Player on 02/04/2016
It's good to have an Option for lesser money to play with not like you got to spend lot,you can spend less to try your luck.
Thank you for your feedback. If you have any other enquiries please send them through to support@lottoland.com.au
Player on 25/03/2016
Lottoland.com.au is currently advertising the MegaMillions jackpot as being $560 million, but the official MegaMillions website has the jackpot at $35 million with a cash option of only $22 million. If punters wanted a chance to win $22 million in cash I am sure they would choose to spend their hard earned money on one of the many lotteries with better odds than the MegaMillions. I've contacted Lottoland.com.au a number of times about this discrepancy and have not received any reply. Very disappointed with Lottoland.com.au's poor execution of an excellent idea. I would advise anyone using Lottoland.com.au to double check what the jackpot prizes are worth on their respective official lottery sites before purchasing a ticket from Lottoland's website.
I do apologise about no one getting back to you, our inboxes are cleared daily and we do reply to customers as quickly as possible. As Lottoland is an online betting company, we have the ability to set special jackpots. For an explanation on this, please have a read through https://www.lottoland.com.au/magazine/explained-special-jackpots-at-lottoland.html - Any other questions regarding jackpot sizes you can send your enquiries to support@lottoland.com.au
Player on 24/03/2016
bought a ticket in lotto not knowing it was a subscription for lotto till I saw my credit card being debited for cash advance . if I didn't see this you just keep taking cash advance out of my credit card which is wrong .if I have not enough credit in my lotto account ,should not be allowed .any of my betting accounts cant take money out of my credit card unless it is approved a flaw in lotto land ?
We do apologise for any inconvenience caused. The subscription option does not get set automatically, instead, it needs to be clicked on by the player. If you have any other issues or questions regarding subscriptions please contact support@lottoland.com.au
Player on 19/03/2016
Am not amused....lottoland has failed to respond to an email that was sent regarding a win of $69.80
Sorry for the delay. If you still have not received a reply, please jump online to LiveChat or send an email to support@lottoland.com.au
Player on 16/03/2016
Makes playing lotto easy...
Certified Player on 15/03/2016
Betting was very easy. No win so far but happy with options and games!
Player on 13/03/2016
They don't offer paypal :( I used my credit card to make payments until I noticed I have been charged cash advances by my bank so I have now switched to poli to avoid the fees.
Hi, we are very sorry to hear this. We are working on a solution regarding Paypal. We are happy it has worked with Poli. Claudia from Lottoland Australia
Certified Player on 13/03/2016
Customer service staff was very helpful when I had a problem with my account. I have not had any other issues and am happy with their service.

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