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Lottoland Australia PTY LTD
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About Lottoland Australia:

At Lottoland Australia you can bet on the outcome of a wide range of lottery draws from Australia and around the world. HAPPY EVER AFTER!

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Certified Player on 13/12/2016
They take your money in a heartbeat. But make it near on impossible to withdraw any winnings. Never again!! This is a scam
Hello, as an officially licensed Lotto Betting operator we are legally required to verify your account before you can withdraw your winnings. For more information please see our FAQ section for this topic or email us via support@lottoland.com.au.
Player on 02/12/2016
It's was okay at the start. But I actually enjoyed it I mean I'm a pretty patient, young woman, and faith is one of the largest blessings, God" has given me.
Player on 20/11/2016
Hi about lottery I never pay before and I never know about lottery one day i see about lottery in tv and India shop I ask his man in shop how to pay and he tell me sometime I usdersrabd sometime don't know I just darem one day I hoep win and I can make my life and my son happy thanks you for Lottoland
Player on 07/11/2016
I've read some reviews here before playing with Lottoland so I was preparing myself for a difficult to use website and a tricky "subscription" option, which many mentioned below. However, I found the website pretty intuitive, not to mention their amazing portfolio of lotteries. I took a shot in almost half of them and I won $188 in total :) It's not much but it was credited immediately in my account, and I'll use it to keep playing. The only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars is the time they take to answer e-mails. They might be pretty busy since so many people are playing with them, but still would be good to have quicker responses. About the subscriptions, with a simple google search I found this article on their Magazine that is pretty helpful: https://www.lottoland.com.au/magazine/everything-you-need-to-know-about-subscriptions.html good luck everyone, Jamie
Hello, thank you for your feedback! We are aiming for a reply within 24 hours which works most of the time but there are times where it might take longer than 24 hours. We are working on improving our services. Congratulations on your win and fingers crossed for a bigger win soon!
Player on 04/11/2016
I am somewhat concerned with the security of Lottoland, especially with credit card payments. The iPhone application behaves unusually when i log out and close the application, then open the app some time later, I appear to be logged in again, even though i have not entered my login details and password. This leaves my account open to hackers. Furthermore, there is no way of removing a credit card from your account, there is no option within your account settings. As with all new websites, there are bound to be some initial problems.
Hello, thank you for your feedback. Please be assured we take the security of our players serious. You can remove credit cards from your player account. Please get in touch with customer service via support@lottoland.com.au so they can assist with your issue. We are working on improving our site and appreciate your feedback!
Player on 25/10/2016
I had tried half a dozen times to pay by PayPal all Failed I tried by my Visa card and still appears to have Failed I had tried to play a few times before and they to had Failed so every attempt to play Lottoland has Failed so I now will Stop attempting to play all together
Hello, we are looking into this issue at the moment. In the meantime please use our other payment methods offered on the site. Apologies for your inconveniences. Regards, Alex
Player on 24/10/2016
Poor service I can not log into my account and never receive a link to Change my password after numerous emails I never get a response I'm so disappointed in this app
Hello, please message us via support@lottoland.com.au so we can look into this. If you do not receive a link to change your password you might have a typo in the registered email which would explain why you do not receive the password reset emails. If you message us your player ID or the email you signed up with we can look into this. Thanks
Player on 25/08/2016
Initially great!!! Was purhasing tickets in various draws but now Continuous issues .unable to log in . ..i have sent enail with screen shots . Waiting for response Ive tried everything! DO you have an office in canberra area?
Hello, please try to reset your password if that helps with your login issue. Our customer service team will get back to you via email to help with the issue.
Player on 31/07/2016
In the 'My ticket' section they don't show you your current subscriptions, you have to click on 'show more tickets'. I assumed that I had canceled my subscriptions only to find that bank account was still being debited. I believe that the website has been deliberately designed to make it hard to cancel subscribtions.
Hello, when you cancel a subscription ticket you will receive an email that confirms that the subscription has been cancelled. Purchase confirmation emails include information that a ticket has been submitted as a subscription ticket as well. We'll forward your feedback regarding the my account section to make it clearer for customers to show subscription tickets. Please email our customer service team if we can assist with anything or answer any more questions regarding subscriptions. Thank you.
Player on 27/07/2016
I am really disappointed as in the beginning I was very happy even I have not won anything, then while I checked my bank account i can see that few times it has been debited with $10 without my consent, last time I sent an email but in vain. I was not even aware that there is a subcription to pay, I have never heard from it before. I am with oz lotteries they never took anything from my account. I would just like you to refund me my money. Also last time I won $1.32 I know it is nothing but that money has never been credited to my account. Just wanted to let u now. I am closing my account as I don't trust u guys at all
Hello, please be advised that all winnings are automatically credited to your player account. You can then either withdraw them or use them to play again, whichever you prefer. Regarding the subscription, this is an option for almost all our lotteries. Other operators might use a different wording like Autoplay. With this option selected by a user (it is by default not selected) a ticket enters all upcoming draws until cancelled. Purchase confirmation emails as well as the my account show that a ticket has been bought as subscription. Please get in touch if you have further questions or if we can assist you in any way. Thank you.
Player on 05/07/2016
Good site. I've played a few random lottos from Europe and the Aussie lottos for a few weeks now and can't complain. Great choice of lottos although I am missing the NZ lotto (can you please add it?).
Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly adding more lottos to our site but I can't confirm if the NZ Lotto will be added anytime soon. Have a look at our international lottos, maybe you'll find something else instead that you'd like to play?
Certified Player on 16/06/2016
Overall my experince with Lottoland has been very positive so lots to shout about, though it's hardly perfect. Whats good: choice of lottery games, big jackpots, the added double jackpot option and the fact that they have both australian lotteries and foreign ones. What's bad: it's sometimes difficult to navigate, the actual ticket field is especially clunky and they do a poor job of explaining what's what. For example can someone explain to me how subcriptions work? All in all a great start from a fresh new company but lots of room for improvement guys.
Hello, thank you for your feedback. We are working on making our site easier for our customers and will provide more information. Subscriptions are auto play tickets that will enter all consecutive draws until the subscription gets cancelled. For more information how to cancel subscriptions please click here.
Certified Player on 15/06/2016
Nice site design, lots of choice, MASSIVE jackpots and loads of lotteries that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Can't fault em really only they don't have casino games, some "site maintenance" or whatever they say, which is the only reason I'm not giving them full marks. Get that back up and running please!
Hello, unfortunately, we are not allowed to offer casino games in Australia. You might have seen these games on our international sites.
Certified Player on 14/06/2016
Wow - are these guys talking about the same company? Seriously, how can you complain about a company that lets you play so many amazing lotteries and games. I've been taking a "world tour" with Lottoland for the past couple of months and have had my share of winnings. Nothing huge, just a few dollars here and there, also Spanish and Irish Lottos. Had no hassle with collecting the money either whcih makes me wonder about the other reviewers on here. I found Lottoland to be very straight and up front about everything from how to verify my account to the odds of all the different games. All the information is there already.
Hello, thank you for your review and congratulations on your winnings. If you ever have any questions please email customer service. We are also adding more and more lotteries onto the site which you might want to try.
Player on 10/06/2016
Hopeless organisation, slow server and issues with wagering/lottery system. Poor customer service. They are quick to collect your money (credit card details) and proof of ID but when it comes to collect winnings all goes silent.. Sad experience.... Buy your lottery tickets at the local news agency or ozlotteries.... Complaint forwarded to the gaming authorities. Questioning if they are PCI compliant.
Hello, Lottoland is officially licensed and regulated by the NT Government. All winnings are automatically added to player accounts and can be withdrawn once the account has been verified. This is a legal requirement we need to follow. If you have any issues with payouts please contact our customer service team. They are happy to help.

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