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Lottoland Australia PTY LTD
3/18 Bishop Street
Woolner NT 0820
About Lottoland Australia:

At Lottoland Australia you can bet on the outcome of a wide range of lottery draws from Australia and around the world. HAPPY EVER AFTER!

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Certified Player on 12/03/2018
Great selection of pokies on lottoland as well as some big lottos from allover the world. Works great on the phone and i never had any bother with getting cashed out.
Player on 08/03/2018
Kenoland is advertised on the site as a draw every 4 minutes, try 8.04 pm to 10 pm time gap. Not 4 minutes. Very misleading
Certified Player on 07/03/2018
Love the site - lottoland is Aces! Shame the Oz lotteries arnt on anymore but theres still some top plottos to choose from & I play the USA ones when the jackpots go super high. Good value all round.
Certified Player on 26/02/2018
Love the selection of games on Lottoland - lotteries from all over the world with some top prizes and you can play them all from your phone. Very nice site and good customer support anytime I needed to get in contact
Certified Player on 12/02/2018
The Lottoland site is easy to use and a great way to play some of the huge American lottos. They've also got a very nice selection of other international lotteries on the site too.
Player on 05/02/2018
So far so good. My favourite game is Keno247 and Kenoland (on the Go). fingers crossed for the next Northern Territory winner
Certified Player on 01/02/2018
Great support, good mobile site. Easy to use. Special jackpots for US lotteries and lottery syndicates (buy shares of multiple combined lines). Would recommend.
Certified Player on 30/01/2018
A simple and easy way to play lotto online - no stress & no hassle. Lots of choice for different international lotteries. Easy site design to get around and the one time I needed to contact customer support they were very polite and helpful.
Player on 30/01/2018
Well done for supporting the Royal Flying Doctor Service with $50,000. Note: with Lottoland you place a bet on the outcome of the official draw, not actually participating in the draw. It's like going to the bookies and they guarantee payouts through a very big insurance policy ;)
Certified Player on 29/01/2018
So far no complains. If you are into Keno games try Kenoland (mobile version only). I recommend Mini lotto among daily lotteries.
Player on 24/01/2018
Good fun ezy to play and also love the jackpots winnings are payed very quickly and lottoland supports australian flying Doctors and other organizations
Player on 26/09/2017
I have to won one day cz I often play lottoland for lucky and i always waiting some lucky from the God for aday i be luc
Player on 16/09/2017
great site I didnt have any problems with my winnings they were a great help to me i received my money in 5 days thank you lottoland you were awesome would recommend this site
Player on 11/08/2017
Great site, easy to use, I have to say I didn't have any of the problems people have listed on here, and I won $ 1,547.65 on a $ 2.50 bet on the Hong Kong Mark 6, and received my requested pay out 48 hours after the draw. So great all round, from my experience!
Player on 02/07/2017
The biggest problem with Lottoland is that you do not receive the same jackpot payout as the winners of the real lottery. They use the total number of winners (Lottoland and real lottery) to calculate the payout. E.g. if the jackpot is $10M and there is one lottery winner and one Lottoland winner, the lottery winner will receive $10M and the Lottoland winner will receive $5M. This was confirmed to me thru a chat with their customer service. This is a serious flaw in their business model and only a matter of time before they have a very disappointed winner on their hands. I've had no problems with their customer service, but won't be spending any more money with them.

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