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Last modified: 10/12/2018
Lottoland Australia PTY LTD
3/18 Bishop Street
Woolner NT 0820
About Lottoland Australia:

At Lottoland Australia you can bet on the outcome of a wide range of lottery draws from Australia and around the world. HAPPY EVER AFTER!

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Certified Player on 10/12/2018
Lottoland is perfect for having a punt on some of the biggest international lottos out there. Doesnt take up much space on the phone and is real easy to use.
Certified Player on 03/12/2018
So easy to play the lotto with the Lottoland app for your phone. Sadly they don't have the Aussie lottos anymore but you can still play on the big US ones and they have the biggest jackpots going.
Certified Player on 27/11/2018
This is a really handy app that allows you to have a punt on a lot of different lotteries from all over the world. The big draw for me is the massive US Powerball and Megamillions lottos which go up to massive amounts. Really professional and well operated lottery site and perfect for the phone.
Certified Player on 12/11/2018
I downloaded the lottoland app last month when the us megamillions jackpot was going through the roof. Didn't win that one but I did pick up a few bucks the week after from a punt on the Tuesday lotto. Its a great little site, just hope it manages to stick around in Australia as I heard that they were possibly leaving next year?
Player on 11/11/2018
Hope they are around next year. It's a legitimate lotto site. I've personally won money from them. Competition is good....
Certified Player on 08/11/2018
I was one of the thousands of punters who were able to have a pop at the big American Megamillions jackpot last month. No luck this time around but I hope that Lottoland sticks around in the new year as its great for Aussies to have the chance to bet on big lottos like that one.
Certified Player on 06/11/2018
Love the way you can have a punt on all the big international lottos from lottoland. Plus theyve got great value deals to make it even sweeter. Just hope that these guys don't go anywhere and that they stick around to offer some proper competition to the lotto monopoly weve got at the moment.
Certified Player on 25/10/2018
Ive heard that the Lottoland site is gonna be banned at the start of next year, which is a real shame. There app is excellent and its a great way to play on the lotto on your phone.
Certified Player on 15/10/2018
I have been using Lottoland since day one. Found their site when I was looking for ways to get a bet on the big Powerball lottery from the US and with Megamillions going through the roof at the moment I've made sure I'm not gonna miss out
Certified Player on 09/10/2018
Lottoland has about 30 different lotteries available to play. I don't put on a bet too often but when the American jackpots get up to massive levels then I'll have a punt. Won a few bucks so far but hoping to hit one of those big superjackpots before too long!
Certified Player on 01/10/2018
I only have good things to say about Lottoland, really like the option to make bets on the top international lottos from the app on your phone. Long may they continue!
Certified Player on 24/09/2018
I have been very impressed with Lottoland since signing up with them almost a year ago. The site is professionally presented and there are a great range of lotto bets to choose from. There is talk of them leaving Australian but I for one hope that Lottoland stick around for the long run as they provide an excellent service.
Certified Player on 20/09/2018
How good is Lottoland? Love the amount of lottos they have on here, plus its perfect for using on your phone to pop on a quick bet on one of the big international lottos.
Certified Player on 11/09/2018
I have had to get in contact with Lottolands support team a couple of times and found the service to be excellent. Its a great site and its backed up by friendly and professional customer support, and it makes a big difference when compared to the service you get in some other online sites.
Certified Player on 06/09/2018
What a fantastic lotto site! I play on my iphone and put in my bets on the biggest lotteries going. Great site, absolutely gutted theres talk their blocking it from Australia

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